Member Uses Reflexology to Relieve Asthma

From: Massage & Bodywork Quarterly

In 1983, Leonard Titaevsky was diagnosed as having asthma. For years, he took large doses of adrenocortical hormones and used an inhaler many times a day. Leonard became well known in many hospital emergency rooms. In the summer of 1991 , he was to meet Dr. Ivan Tarasiouk. From the first treatment, Leonard realized that Dr. Tarasiouk was using a new method of examination. He listened to his lungs with his hands and defined the asthmatic condition without looking at the results of any other investigation. After five months with Dr. Tarasiouk's treatment, Leonard had x-rays taken at a hospital and there was no longer any evidence of asthma.

Dr. Tarasiouk learned his art from his mother and two Chinese healers during a period of time spent in Siberia. The people of the area came from long distances to receive treatments from these practitioners. Later experiments at the Kiev Research Institute of Pulmonary Disorders showed that 89% of asthmatic patients were helped substantially through the use of Reflexology only.

Dr. Tarasiouk practices in Philadelphia, using Reflexology and integrated massage to alleviate such conditions as asthma, bronchitis, high cholesterol, gall bladder problems, gastric ulcers, muscle pain, arthritis, and nerve inflammation without surgery or medicine. Using the techniques he learned in Russia here in the United States, Dr. Tarasiouk says that climate plays a large role in recovery. Our weather being milder, that time is much shorter, particularly in children.


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