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What is Ear Coning?

Ear coning or ear candling as it is also called, is an ancient, natural and simple therapeutic process to aid the ears.  

The ear candles Frankie uses are made of sterile cotton gauze and beeswax and are kept wrapped in pairs until prior to your appointment. The cones are long, narrow, hollow and funnel shaped. The wax is mixed with special healing herbs and come in 11 different varieties. The type of cone that is used will be chosen for your particular situation at the time.

Historically, ear coning has been used in India, China, Tibet, Sumeria, Egypt and is still in practice with many Native American tribes for clearing the ears, the sinuses and the psyche. Ear coning is still used today as a gentle way to stimulate the body's circulation to the ear and upper lymph system which brings about the body's natural healing abilities.  The herbal smoke from the candling may also positively affect the sinus cavities offering a cleansing type action.  The warmth from the burning candle itself can warm excess ear wax in the ear canal, making it easier for the body to eliminate on its own.  Tiny reflex areas just inside the opening of the ear canal are physically stimulated by the gentle pressure of the cone.  Stimulating these points, as in reflexology or acupressure positively affects corresponding parts of the body and may be especially beneficial to the sinus and head area.  The healing smoke has been used for centuries to ease ear aches and "fumigate" possible fungus and bacterial growths inside the ears. 

Many people find that regular ear coning helps their hearing aids work better, and those with impaired hearing note that they hear and even see more clearly after an ear candling.   Currently there is much debate about whether an ear coning actually removes excess wax from the ear canal by "sucking" it into the ear cone due to its slight vacuum action created by the burning candle.  However, due to the volumes of clients who report better hearing and clearer sinuses after an ear coning, something beneficial takes place that needs to be given consideration.  Anyone who suspects a foreign object or debris in the ear should always seek an ear, nose and throat specialist or other physician who can offer a safe and proper extraction of an object.

Metaphysically, ear coning works to clear negative energies from the auric field, and many claim to have vivid dreams, or emotional release after an ear coning.

  What Can An Ear Coning Do for Me?

Many people find ear coning/candling helpful for the following:

What Can I Expect?

You will be instructed to sit on a massage table while the practitioner views your ear canals with an otoscope.

Then you will lie comfortably on one side. The large end of the cone is lit with flame, while the small end is inserted gently into your ear opening. Frankie will gently maneuver the candle until there is a secure fit, ensuring that no smoke is leaving the ear. A an aluminum covered plate surrounds the cone so that you do not feel any heat from the flame.

The theory of ear coning is that warm smoke enters the ear canal, warming up the ear wax and the vortex created by the sealed cone acts as a vacuum to draw debris directly into the cone. The cone is burnt about ½- ¾ of the way down. At no time are you left alone! Frankie facilitates the whole process for you, your job is to relax and enjoy the experience. After both ears are coned, the remains of the cones will be cut open to reveal the amount of debris left in the cone. 

How Long Does It Take?

Each ear takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Your first coning will be scheduled for one hour, and thereafter, your appointments should only last approximately 45 minutes.

What Will I feel?

You may sense a subtle drawing action in the ear, but generally you feel nothing. Your job is to relax, listen to soft music and even nap if you want! Afterward, you may feel lighter, more clear headed, and are usually able to hear better. Sometimes you will experience sinus drainage or excess wax that will come out of your ears overnight, this is all part of the cleansing action taking place.

How many sessions do I need?

It will depend on the results of your conings. However, to start, three conings within one month is suggested. Sometimes you will see a much greater amount of debris in the cones on the second and third conings. Then two to four conings per year are suggested for maintenance.

What should I do after my appointment?

You will usually be given some cotton balls to place in your ears to keep them from extreme conditions. Sometimes essential oils are added to them for soothing and/or antibacterial effects. A little ear wax serves to protect your ears, and will replenish itself between 24-48 hours after the coning. Until then, do not submerge your head in water or stand out in the cold weather without protection.


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