What Herbalists Can't Tell you about NSP Products, But Researchers Can!
Are you new to NSP?  Feeling overwhelmed with the many hundreds of formulations, single herbs, supplements, and what to use for what??  I remember feeling that way, that's why I am so grateful to these organizations/researchers and authors of these fine reference guides to NSP formulations.

Their research and presentation are wonderful tools to have, use, and refer to for years to come.  We all can't know it all, but over time, referencing these materials, you will know more than you ever thought you'd know.  Even as a NSP customer on a program, you can reference the information on each formulation you are taking. 

When a friend calls and asks you what you would take for allergies (or almost any ailment), you can look it up in the FOOTPRINTS or Nature's Treasure Chest.

When a customer calls and asks you what you know about cascara sagrada or Bowel Build--you'll have a handy reference with the HART book or the Unauthorized Guide to NSP Products.

Order any and all of these great references at Herb Allure:
FootPrints on the Path by J. Candy Arnold--an 8x11 hardback, 3-ring notebook listing ailments in alphabetical order, a description of the ailment/disease along with NSP programs that apply and other helpful health hints.   
The Unauthorized Guide to NSP Products on 3x5 cards or on CD ROM and
Nature's Treasure Chest--a card index of hundreds of ailments and the herbs, formulas and dietary suggestions to use to overcome them.  Another great tool geared toward NSP practitioners.
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 The Hart Book:

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